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Hello , and thank you for visiting my website.
A Bit about me
I have been in the music industry for 11 years as a singer songwriter, and now I am a PR consultant running my own business and  I am a specialist consultant for grassroots artists with Quite Great PR and Pixie Promotions.
I have my own business working with bands and artists and comedians.
My Life has been very colorful and some may say strange,others may say tragic, some might say downright shocking, but I wouldn't change a thing. I have lived on the streets, dined at the ritz .

I lost my childhood to sexual and mental abuse. I am what I am and its a quite a mixed up box !
I now have a very debilitating condition or four, that have really tried to knock me down, but  I say it has made me stronger as a person and for that I grateful.. Its all character building .
I am by nature a spiritual person, and very solitary, due to a physical and sexually abusive childhood .
I look for innocence and pure unconditional love which I have found on my spiritual path.
I  laugh, I love, I shock, I cry,  I smile and say bugger a lot .

 My spirit is that of a child and my  mind is open to everything, there are no problems only solutions!
 I have been called  Peter Pan and Tinkerbell rolled into one,I am not sure if that is a compliment , But I will take it as one ........
 You just have to keep believing or else my light fades.
 As an artist ,I believe a damaged or troubled  soul is what makes us who we are.
Sensitive, vulnerable and to be quite honest with you a pain in the arse ,and  an enigma to understand for all who meet me, some have tried but only one has ever broken through, and that in itself is a romance .
 I love nature in all its moods and would rather sit in a field and listen to the birds singing and watch the clouds float by, or walk beside a river , sit at the edge of the sea and feel its power, laugh with my son, and tell the rudest  jokes to My Mr Vicar  whom I adore, and miss him when he is not able to see me , God keeps his staff very busy!!
Please help me to help those in need at GOSH , save a life , save a tear, create a smile today. 

May you always walk in beauty and  may your god bless you always.
A smile is a curved line that sets things straight!
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